Alcohol Wipes 100 Pack

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Alcohol Wipes

100 pack alcohol wipes

Dry Off

Our specially formulated 70% isopropyl alcohol cleansing wipes sanitize and cleanse dirt, oils, and debris, from the surface of nails and skin. Whether you're applying your nails at home or in the salon, alcohol wipes are an essential step for nail prep before application of Instant Acrylics™ and other nail products.

Each pack includes 100 individually wrapped wipes, so is perfect for your business, home salon needs, or in your handbag for an instant sanitizer.

Pack includes:

  • 100 x single-use alcohol cleansing wipes


  1. Prep your nails by pushing cuticles back, and buffing the nail bed

  2. Tear the sachet and wipe the surface of your nail evenly to remove any oils or debris

  3. Apply your chosen adhesive, followed by your Instant Acrylics™

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