Nail Stickers

Très She


Nail Stickers

Sticker application tabs for short-term wear

It’s my Party & I’ll Wear Nails if I Want to

Don’t want to commit? We geddit. Très She Nail Stickers let you don your talons for a weekend or event and take them off before the clock strikes midnight. Applying your Très She Instant AcrylicsTM  with stickers correctly should last between 1–2 days. 

Pack includes:

  • 2 x sheets of Nail Stickers with 48 individual nail tabs


  • First, prep your nails by gently buffing them, then cleansing with an alcohol wipe
  • Prep your natural nail as you would when applying with glue. Apply your stickers onto the natural nail, pressing down firmly and evenly. Gently peel off the excess plastic and VOILA— you are ready to stick on your Instant Acrylics
  • Removal: Removing your Instant Acrylics when they have been applied with stickers is simple. You can peel them off by lifting the nail off from the base on one side, and gently peel them away, ensuring you support the nail with your finger as you do. Be gentle and you can reuse your Instant Acrylics over and over again

HOT TIP! Using stickers and glue together is a great technique. Applying your stickers onto a clean, well-prepared natural nail and following with glue, will keep the nails on tightly, plus makes removal easier. Shhh... it’s a salon secret.