Community Guidelines


Our community guideline serves to explain the types of messages, behaviour and interactions we support and/or promote via our Très She social media platforms. Our official brand social media accounts can be found linked in the footer of our website homepage.  

We utilise social media to promote and broadcast our own products and brand messages, facilitate a positive environment for fans and customers and share relevant content supplied by our community. All content, captions and comments posted to our social networks are managed and moderated by Très She in accordance with our company values and objectives. We are therefore responsible for managing and moderating all content that is posted to our social networks, on a daily basis. 

Très She does not accept, engage or facilitate any negative, hurtful or defamatory comments or actions on our brand page(s). If your comment or action on our page is deemed to be hurtful to another user or to our company, we reserve the right to remove or moderate the action and/or block your account. If you wish to have a block removed or if you wish to contact us regarding the matter, you can do so via one of the customer service channels listed on our FAQ page. 

If your comment has been deleted or your account blocked from our page, it means we have identified your behaviour as harmful to us or to our users’ experience. 

We do not tolerate any behaviour or malice intent that can be interpreted to cause harm to a customer, user or company. And, we reserve the right to use our sole discretion to intervene and mitigate user behaviour on our platforms that we deem inappropriate, negative, offensive or in breach of this guideline. We are under no obligation to inform users of any content that we have edited or altered. On some occasions, we may decide to notify you of your breach via email or direct message. 

Our brand pages are public platforms and we use social media networks to engage and communicate with our customers and fans in ‘real time’. By being public, you do not have to be a follower or subscriber to preview our content. However, public Très She platforms are not ‘open forums’ to display or promote your own political agenda, personal opinion, negativity, profanity and/or defamatory remarks. Where a user is engaging our channel(s) to broadcast their own agenda, message or opinion, we reserve the right to moderate or remove the comment/content according to our discretion and within the conditions outlined in our community guideline.

Please do not promote or display your private information or any personal order details via a public platform. If you have shared your personal order number or information publicly, we will remove the post and contact you via direct message to follow up the query. Please refer to FAQ page for our official customer service details where we are able to resolve your order inquiry. 

Social media is a treasured part of the Très She business. It allows us to promote our brand message in a fun, vibrant way but more importantly, we are able to interact with our fanbase and customers in ‘real time’. The connection we have to our fans is of the utmost importance to us. It is, therefore, our aim to facilitate a positive environment for our community of fans, followers and customers and ensure their experience whilst using our channels, is an enjoyable one. 

By using our social media platforms, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions detailed in this guideline and you also agree to show respect and consideration to other members of our community whilst engaging in our platforms. 

Thanks for taking the time to read and understand our community guideline and we hope to see you over on our social media platforms soon! xo