Angel Opal Talons

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Angel Opals are our new babies!

Mesmerize your eyes by the rainbow/Lilac hologram glitter base, decorated with a sheer pink iridescent top coat.

Each nail is lovingly crafted with the highest quality ingredients and like little jewels for your fingers can be worn time and time again. Each set comes with an application kit including instructions, glue, nail tabs and everything else you need for maximum wear. Please allow at least two weeks as every set is custom made to order xx

Sets available in Small, Medium and Large

Prices are in US Dollars

HOT TIP: Drag template image to your desktop and print for size

Please note these items are custom made especially for your specifications. Please measure carefully as I do not exchange for items that do not fit

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From our home base in Melbourne, Australia, Très She Talons delivers custom and ready-to-wear press on nails around the globe.

Our community of talon temptresses love the iconic, custom designs and unmatched shapes of Très She Talons. 

LOVE wearing unforgettable, long or stand-out nails but tired of the weak and brittle effect that comes with wearing acrylics? Then opt for Très She press-ons! 

Très She Talons fit you like your own nails so you can wear them as your signature style accessory and just take them off as you please.

Every set of Très She Talons is unique, high quality and lovingly crafted for you, so you can continue to use and re-use your beautiful talons, over and over again.

Specializing in multidimensional, hologram effects these talons are destined to dazzle and are super addictive to collect!

Come classy, leave Très She!

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