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DIAMOND TEDDY Jeweled Press-on Acrylic Nails

LIMITED EDITION FEATURE CRYSTAL NAILS - Jeweled baby pink talons with feature crystal nails in each set. 


Premium grade, press-on acrylic nails featuring a superior shape and quality. Unmatched strength, non-bendy but with a gentle flex, enjoy the natural shape and curved nail profile that's exclusive to Très She.

Our press-on nails are unlike any other temporary nails on the market.

24 nails to a box, including all sizes and spares! For the first time you can enjoy the strength and quality of acrylic nails without spending any time in a salon! 

What's the buzz? Each nail has been carefully formed using a custom-made mould, exclusively designed by Très She Talons. This unique manufacture process was the result of 2 years’ research to bring you the highest quality, strongest and most natural-looking press-on nails on the market. Enjoy! Xo

5-Step Application:

  1. Find the size that best fits your nails and lay them out in order.
  2. Lightly buff your natural nail using the buffer provided.
  3. Wipe each nail using the prep pad (alcohol wipe).
  4. Add a small dot of the glue to your nail and place the talon onto the glue, sliding it down to line up with your cuticle. Hold it there for 5 seconds.
  5. Repeat on all fingers and voila!

Every boxed set of Très She Talons comes complete with 24 multi-sized press-on nails, a buffer, prep pads, sticker tabs and nail glue.

For more instructions, visit the link.