Donate to Help the Fire Emergency in Australia

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Thank you for clicking on and offering your kind support and generosity during this tragic time.

Select how much you want to donate and 100% of all funds collected here will be sent to the 2 funds listed below.

Furthermore, 50% of all sales this weekend will be donated (Saturday, Jan 4 until Monday, Jan 6, 2020). 

Catastrophic fires, the worst drought in history and record high temperatures are taking a tragic toll on native wildlife, homes and communities.

An unusually dry climate with hot, windy conditions has created an unprecedented circumstance with fires that are out of control and ravaging Australia. 500 million animals have perished and millions of hectares of land burnt to the ground. People, homes and communities are being destroyed. 

The land ablaze is equal to the size of the US state of Maryland or equivalent to the country, Belgium. 

We are feeling helpless and heartbroken and greatly appreciate your help and generosity during this time. Human solidarity, action and support is everything. 

A big thank you to the USA firefighters who have arrived in Australia to help us! We are so blessed to receive them.

The selected charities receiving our donations are and

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