• NYE 2019 - LIMITED
  • NYE 2019 - LIMITED
  • NYE 2019 - LIMITED
  • NYE 2019 - LIMITED

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Get these NOW and shipped in time for NYE. Excludes Canada.

Available only for 3 days. Be quick, babes! xo


All Très She Ready-to-Wear sets have been individually and lovingly hand-crafted by our in-house Nail Queen, Zinny. Swoon over our custom shapes, superior quality and luscious, long lengths.

In stock for a limited time so be quick!

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Your new Ready-to-Wear Très She acrylic press-on nails come with an application kit which includes: adhesive nail tabs, glue and everything else needed for a classy application.

For instructions and tips on applying press-ons like a pro, visit our FAQs, here.

Worldwide shipping. Orders shipped within 5 twerking days.

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