RTW Crystal Opal Talons


  • RTW Crystal Opal Talons
  • RTW Crystal Opal Talons

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Ready to Wear Crystal Opal Talons

Size: Small

Length: Short

Shape: Almond

Ready to wear Talons are one off sets that have been made for Instagram shoots or samples. Ready to ship out with in 2 days, perfect for those who need their fix quickly!

Each nail is lovingly crafted with the highest quality ingredients and like little jewels for your fingers can be worn time and time again. Each set comes with an application kit including instructions, glue, nail tabs and everything else you need for maximum wear.


Please note ~ Prices are in US Dollars

Drag template onto desktop and print for size

Please note these items are custom made especially for your specifications. Please measure carefully as I do not exchange for items that do not fit

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